Northwest Bush Blade

Northwest Bush Blade

Saturday, April 2, 2011

High Cascade Bush Knife

© Jeff Crowner 2009

This is a blade I developed to be workhorse for the wilderness survival community. Made of Bucorp K110 (D2) steel, it features a simple-yet effective-geometry intended to expedite camp tasks such as whittling, skinning, foraging and the like. Compared to generic bushcraft knives like the Mora line, this is a robust tool built to last a lifetime. I personally carry this one when i go into the mountains here in Oregon for extended periods of time.  The blade is well balanced, is available with a variety of grip options and makes a good companion to the Little Bear survival blade-between the two, there's not much you can't get done.  I and others have extensively tested this and the Little Bear with awesome results.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Beaver Creek Cutter (Designed by Gayle Bradley)

© Jeff Crowner2010
This particular blade was designed by one of the greatest competition cutters,  Blade Sports' Gayle Bradley.  Gayle is a friend of mine and gave me permission to make this blade.  I made this one out of a convex grind D2 blade and Terotuf handle scales.  Obviously designed to be a chopper, I have carried this one as a pack knife up in the Cascade Mountains and employed it in shelter construction. It has a million other applications as a real working tool and can be configured however you prefer in terms of grip material, sheath and other optional add-ons. Thanks Gayle for your generosity to the knife making community.  You are one of the best!

Rupa Rupa Jungle Blade

© Jeff Crowner 2009
The Rupa Rupa Jungle Blade is a design I came up with a few years ago specifically for jungle applications in the Amazon basin.  There are few of these being used in the Amazon right now as I write this post.  This particular one was made for a serious wilderness survival instructor for serious use.  The blade is a CPM 3V steel with TeroTuf handles made by CIP composites in Eugene Oregon.  I've made many other Rupa Rupas in a variety of other steels, but this here is a race horse of a knife with the CPM 3V. Conceived and constructed solely for survival personnel where their tools mean the difference between life and death.  One can make many shelters, perform basic defensive techniques and process a lot of game with this blade and never worry about chip out and breakage.  All the Rupas have a convex grind down to the edge and are Cryo treated with my heat treats.

Baby Bear Survival Neck Knife

© Jeff Crowner 2010

This Baby Bear is made with Bucorp N690 stainless steel blade and comes with a kydex sheath.  I developed this blade with Joel Lisson of REACT Wilderness Survival and training systems for real world users not weekend warriors. What I mean by that is that most 'neck knives' are really just jewelry--no thought has gone into how they might actually be used. And that's fine if that's what you need. 

This blade has been tested in the field by several top survival instructors. It's been used in processing elk and deer, constructing traps and making friction fire as well as various other tasks in austere environments.  The simplicity is is in the ergo blade.  Many other neck knives do not feel right in the hand or just can't  measure up to real use in the field.  

The slight drop point tip aides in working angles on wood or game and the subtle re-curve extends the  whittling ability, thereby reducing energy expenditure. The holes add grip ability with the blade in addition to reducing weight around the neck. Having no scales one can boil it in the field for sanitation purposes related to food procurement or field medicine. Finally, the notch in the base of the grip works as a great striker for your ferro rod fire starting. 

This is what Joel, myself and other serious wilderness survival guys and gals, operators, LEO, hunters and SOF carry around their neck.  I will have one on the table at the upcoming Eugene knife show.  I cannot keep up with orders on this particular design.