Northwest Bush Blade

Northwest Bush Blade

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Khukri "My take on it"

I pondered awhile on what would make a good Khukri for bushcraft and self defense.  I came up with this design first in a polycarbonate trainer blade which I used in my local Kali class for three months. The trainer felt comfortable in my hand and performed well so I made a few small refinements leading to what is the current profile of the real fixed blade. 

This thing really bites into wood very well.  For that matter the blade bites into just about anything you can throw at it.  It is very well balanced not wanting to twist in your hand when chopping. Of course it is differentially heat treated with a triple temper.  The finish is a mustard type and the handle is grey Terotuf with a red spacer.  I will offer these in L-6, 5160, Elmax, K110 or CPM 3V.   The handle material will be optional with Terotuf or G-10. 

Hope you enjoy!  Jeff Crowner